Herzlich Willkommen bei SOGEDES - Hier trifft Mensch auf Technologie

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Arbeiten bei SOGEDES: Diversity, Support und Weiterentwicklung

Arbeiten bei SOGEDES Jernie

In unserem letzten Behind-the-Scenes Blogbeitrag "Arbeiten bei SOGEDES ein Ort mit vielen Freiheiten und großartigen Kollegen" haben wir Hans Schmucker kennengelernt. Jernie Hebling wird uns in diesem Beitrag weitere unzensierte Einblicke in unseren Arbeitsalltag geben. Sie arbeitet seit November 2017 und unterstützt uns tatkräftig im First Level Technical Support. Wir bei SOGEDES schätzen alle Mitarbeiter:innen für ihre Einzigartigkeit und stehen für Diversity. Jernie kommt ursprünglich aus den Philippinen, ist kein German Native Speaker und daher wird sie im Folgenden auf Englisch berichten.

What made you decide working for SOGEDES?

At the time when I learned about SOGEDES’ company profile, I didn’t have any previous exposure to Contact Center Systems (Omnichannel, etc.). I thought it is something new to me and it is very relevant during this digital era. To be part of the First Level Technical Support team, I need to understand the Contact Center Systems Solutions to be able to analyze, troubleshoot and help provide solutions for our customers' issues and problems.

The systems SOGEDES carries and support are not offered as courses to learn outside. For this reason, it would be an in-house learning or learning by doing for me which exactly what I was looking for. In this way I had the chance to learn the Omnichannel systems solutions on the job.  

Since we are dealing with different Omnichannel systems and many different customers, we have a huge platform to learn many things. 

We are learning the systems through our own initiative by navigating our demo systems, through our colleagues, as well as through our partners.

As I am not a native-German-speaker, it has been a big challenge for me to find a job that my level of German language will not be a hindrance to perform my work and have the opportunity to improve my German language. At that time, I could see already that I could have it here in SOGEDES. When I look back 3 years ago, how much I feared to pick-up telephone calls from the customer because I was scared that the customer will not understand me and vice versa but now I am confidently taking the calls. Of course, it is a continuously learning process.  

I have to say that my colleagues have been very supportive in improving my German. They are all very helpful in coaching and motivating me to speak and write in German. 

Most of all, considering my limitations as a mother of a 10 year old, I could only work part-time. I recognize that in this industry most of the positions offered are full-time. With SOGEDES I am so grateful and happy to be given such flexibility in work schedules.

Since I work part-time, I have the luxury to spend time with my family: most importantly to support my son with this studies. On top of this, I do have time for my hobby which are photography, videography, baking and cooking. 

How do your typical working day look like?

I usually start my day by checking the Jira Ticket System for any newly submitted tickets by the customers. Then I would check my E-mails for any important communication and ticket updates. 

Afterwards, I would check my open tickets to identify tickets where I would need clarifications and support from the 2nd Level. At 9am, we are having our daily Level 1 Team meeting. 

Thereafter, my work starts: attending telephone calls and processing the open tickets. This includes communication with customers and with our partners.

The positive aspects of working in the First Level Technical Support Team is that we are the contact point of our customers, our 2nd Level Technical Support Team and our respective Partners in terms of customers’ issues and problems. We have to understand and deal with the customer’s issues. There are cases that we cannot resolve the issue within our team, then we have to get that from our 2nd Level team or we have to seek our Partners’ support to provide a solution to the problem. The most fulfilling part of our job is when we could provide resolutions to our customers’ issues and keep them happy and satisfied with our service. 

How would you describe the company's culture @SOGEDES?

„The culture of SOGEDES that I do value the most, is the high-level of respect for each other and treat each other with kindness, which I have felt this since day 1, I joined SOGEDES until now.

Moreover, the flat hierarchy, approachability, relax environment and the willingness to help each other make our daily lives at work much lighter.“

@SOGEDES employees of different nationalities work together which makes our culture more diverse. You are originally from Philippines. What does Diversity means to you and how does it effect our working day? Are there any differences in  the way of working? 

"Diversity to me is acknowledging the different nationalities, cultures, backgrounds and education, and most of all learning from them. In my opinion it has no negative effect to our productivity at work. I have been working in a very much diversed company for many years in Dubai, United Arab Emirates where there were 16 different nationalities at a time. Working with colleagues from different countries with different cultures, religion, academic backgrounds and experiences was very interesting and fun. We learned a lot from each other and had a good rapport at work. I have observed there is a big difference between the working environment in Dubai and here in SOGEDES. In Dubai the company's culture was more controlled environment and the hierarchy was higher which is pretty much similar to the working culture in the Philippines. In SOGEDES the company's culture ist less formal and more relaxed.

On a lighter note we enjoyed sharing each other's home food specialities with our colleagues. Same thing here at SOGEDES, when we have company parties, we could love to bring our respective specialities and delicacies for all of us to try. We also share each other's cultures and nice places to visit in our respective home countries."


How should a potential employee be that he / she fits well in our SOGEDES Team?

For an individual to fit well with SOGEDES Team, he/she must be open-minded to ideas, willing to learn, proactive, independent and most of all solution-oriented.  

SOGEDES Team has really provided me immense support for me to be able to deliver my daily tasks.

Hat Jernie euer Interesse für das Arbeiten bei SOGEDES geweckt? Du möchtest uns als Arbeitgeber näher kennenlernen? Und Teil unseres Teams werden? Wir sind immer auf der Suche nach neuen Mitarbeiter:innen und haben offene Positionen in verschiedenen Bereichen, ob Software Development, Technical Support oder im Bereich Marketing und Sales. Erfahre mehr über uns und unseren offenen Stellen. Wir freuen uns auf deine Bewerbung! 


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